Austria's largest photovoltaic plant to go into operation in December

The »Schafflerhof« solar power plant is to supply 5,200 households with green electricity from December and will serve as pasture for 150 Jura sheep

Although 11.5 megawatts is not a particularly high output for a solar power plant in international comparison, in Austria it is sufficient for the title »Largest plant in the country«. At least to the knowledge of the operator Wien Energie, Austria's largest energy supplier, the plant, which is currently being built on a former gravel dump of the City of Vienna, will be »the largest in all of Austria« when it is commissioned in December, according to Wien Energie Managing Director Michael Strebl.
What is special about the »Schafflerhof« solar park, however, is not so much its power as the effort to install the modules in a particularly environmentally friendly way. Thomas Hager, of MaxSolar GmbH from Traunstein, which was commissioned with the construction, emphasizes the importance of the project for his company: »As one of the first project planners, we have committed ourselves to the BNE seal of approval »Good Planning«, which aims to combine climate change and environmental protection. The Agro-PV-Schafflerhofstraße is one of our best practice examples of renewable energy projects that are compatible with land use and nature conservation«. In concrete terms, this means that pasture seed is sown and the modules are mounted slightly higher than necessary to provide weather protection for around 150 sheep. In addition to classic modules, 500 bifacial modules are also installed, which are mounted vertically and in an east-west orientation. Between the rows of modules it will then be possible to grow cereals or vegetables and to cultivate them with tractors later on.

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