Austrian PV industry massively criticizes implementation of Renewable Energy Expansion Act

The Austrian solar industry association Photovoltaic Austria (PV Austria) welcomes last week’s adaptation of the country’s Renewable Energy Expansion Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Ausbaugesetz, EAG) to EU requirements, but massively criticizes the implementation of the law so far. The »second funding track« anchored therein through investment support is »long overdue« because the federal government has not yet developed the ordinance necessary for this. »Countless and urgently needed project implementations are being unnecessarily held up as a result,« the association said in a statement. This has nothing to do with the adaptation to EU legislation.
PV Austria sees the national goals for PV expansion in danger and already complains about enormous damage to the industry. The country has »lost an unbelievable amount of time« on the way to the declared goal of a 100 percent renewable-based electricity supply in 2030, according to the association’s managing director, Vera Immitzer. The industry now expects »an immediate submission of the regulation.«

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