The Austrian Burgenland wants to become the sole operator of solar field plants

The Burgenland in Austria has published a draft amendment to the Burgenland Spatial Planning Act. (Burgenländischen Raumplanungsgesetztes ). In it, the province secures the sole right to construct open space photovoltaic plants in the future. The reason given for this is the fear of »uncontrolled photovoltaic expansion« and »uncontrolled competition«. Excepted are individual plants up to 35 square meters, if these are built on business and industrial estate areas, 100 square meters are the upper limit. Also excluded are installations on buildings. The draft states: »In this sense, the present regulation does not provide for a monopoly for the construction and operation of photovoltaic plants in Burgenland in general, but merely restricts the construction and operation of large open space photovoltaic plants to the province itself or to facilities controlled by it.« In contrast, the Federal Association Photovoltaic Austria sees monopolistic tendencies in the exclusion of private operators: »This law would be a return to age-old electricity monopoly times« Herbert Paierl, chairman of the board of the association, criticizes the draft law. The draft can be seen on the website of the state government. The deadline for review is October 26, 2020.

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