Austria suspends green electricity surcharge for 2022

A suspension of the green electricity surcharge in 2022 was decided today with a broad majority in the Economic Committee of the Austrian National Council (Nationalrat) with a corresponding amendment to the Renewable Expansion Act (EAG), which the ÖVP, SPÖ and Greens had jointly submitted. Specifically, this suspends the so-called renewable subsidy surcharge for the calendar year 2022. Together with the elimination of the renewable subsidy in the related ordinance, these green electricity costs for businesses and households will be set to zero for the year 2022, as Lukas Hammer explained on behalf of the Greens. Thus households - on the average 42 to 44 euro per household - and enterprises around 350 million euro would be relieved.
The three-party motion also primarily implements adjustments to the law on subsidies for the expansion of renewable forms of energy in relation to the EU notification procedure for the Renewable Energy Expansion Act. Environment and Energy Minister Leonore Gewessler said it was a great success that the EU Commission had approved the amendments for the entire planned term of the Renewable Energy Sources Act. This will provide planning security until 2030. The FPÖ was critical, with Axel Kassegger accusing the coalition of a failed energy policy.

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