Australia’s solar and storage industry association announces »ruthless« campaign against natural gas industry

The Australian Smart Energy Council (SEC), an association of solar and storage industry companies, is raising funds for a campaign against the natural gas industry. This comes amid reports that the gas industry, for its part, is planning to contribute 20 million Australian dollars (USD 13.7 million) to a campaign against the Australian government’s planned measures to cap gas prices.
The SEC, according to a statement from the association, »is promising a ›ruthless‹ campaign attacking companies which it argues are trying to protect profits reaped amid Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine.« The campaign is scheduled to launch as early as this Thursday (Dec. 15), when parliament will consider the government’s plans. The SEC will cover initial costs, but at the same time is appealing for donations, hoping to raise at least AUD 1 million in the process. »While that might be just a fraction of the gas industry’s potential war chest,« says SEC Chairman John Grimes, »the green energy sector had one major advantage – the support of the public.«

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