Astronergy unveils its »ASTRO N7« series with larger TOPCon cells at SNEC

Astronergy, part of the Chinese Chint Group, today (May 24) unveiled its new ASTRO N7 series at the SNEC PV Power Expo trade show in Shanghai. These are available in a version with up to 615 watts and as ASTRO N7s with 450 watts.
Compared to the M10 wafers previously used by Astronergy in the ASTRO N5 series, the N7 series cells have a 5.12 percent larger area. The cells used are bifacial TOPCon cells produced by Astronergy with laser-doped selective emitter (LDSE) and an average efficiency of 25.6 percent achieved in mass production. Cells from the pilot line even achieve an average of 26.0 percent. The temperature coefficient is minus 0.29 percent of power per degree Celsius temperature rise, which is typical for TOPCon cells.

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