ASCA solar film for BIPV also available in gray

German Armor Solar Power Films GmbH, a supplier of organic photovoltaic (OPV) products, has now added a shade of gray to its color range of organic solar films. This is available for all applications and is intended in particular for the field of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) to meet the demand of architects and designers, says the company.
The American chemical company Nano-C was involved in the development. In its factory in Westwood, USA, Nano-C produces building-integrated and building-adaptive (BIPV and BAPV) solutions based on ASCA film on an industrial scale. Armor Group had already announced a closer collaboration with Nano C in 2019. In a joint project, Armor and the manufacturer of nanostructured carbon materials for energy and electronics applications worked to optimize materials, ultimately leading to more cost-effective production of the organic photovoltaic using roll-to-roll printing. The design of the ASCA organic photovoltaic film is completely customer-specific, especially in terms of shape and color, says Armor.
The French Armor Group had bought the German Opvius GmbH in the fall of 2019 and renamed it Armor Solar Power Films GmbH. Opvius had often attracted attention with unusual design work, including installing an energy-active façade object on a Merck KGaA building in Darmstadt, Germany, and previously designing organic solar modules for the German pavilion at the Expo in Milan.

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