Array Technologies adds over 580 MW of solar trackers to Australian portfolio

US tracking system manufacturer Array Technologies Inc. (ATI) announced to use its »DuraTrack HZ v3« trackers in six new Australian solar projects. The projects in Queensland and Victoria total 586 MW and are scheduled for commercial operation in 2018. The projects include the »Ross River« solar system, a 148 MW installation close to the City of Townsville, Queensland. This project is currently under construction with completion expected in August of 2018. »Gannawarra« is the first large-scale solar farm in Victoria. This 60 MW facility, located in Northwest Victoria, is anticipated to be online in March of 2018. The 69 MW »Whitsunday« solar farm is located just outside of Collinsville in North Queensland and is expected to commence commercial operation in March of 2018. »Hamilton« is located in close proximity to Whitsunday in North Queensland. This plant is a 69 MW facility and is expected to be online in March of 2018. The 180 MW solar farm »Daydream« in North Queensland is expected to commence commercial operation in August of 2018. The 60 MW »Hayman« facility is also located in North Queensland and will start operation in August of 2018.
In addition to these six recent projects, Array is also providing trackers for three projects in New South Wales, Australia: »Parkes« (66 MW), »Griffith« (36 MW) and »Dubbo« (28 MW). Completion of all three installations is expected by the end of 2017.

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