Aptera introduces »Launch Edition« of its solar car

U.S.-based Aptera Motors Corp. has unveiled »Launch Edition« of its solar car called. The company announced in 2008 that it would soon start mass production for its microcar, but initially failed to do so and was relaunched in 2019. Last November, Aptera announced a cooperation with the Italian C.P.C. Group for series production. This is expected to start at the end of 2023, although this depends on further funding and the completion of crash tests and other required testing with the a pre-production model.
The three-wheeled Aptera has room for two people and reaches around 160 kilometers per hour. The plastic chassis is covered with solar cells that produce about 700 watts. In practical operation, recharging from the power grid should be necessary only rarely – in very sunny areas with average driving performance not at all. At the same time, the energy requirements of the extremely lightweight and aerodynamically optimized vehicle are so low, according to the manufacturer, that one hour of charging at a 240-volt outlet should be enough for around 90 kilometers of driving.

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