APsystems introduces new 3-phase microinverter

Chinese manufacturer of module level power electronics (MLPE) Altenergy Power Systems Inc (APsystems) has introduced a new three-phase microinverter. The »QT2« is suitable for connecting four solar modules with outputs ranging from 315 to 670 watts.
The maximum current rating per module is 20 amps, making the device suitable for modules with large solar cells. However, the maximum output power of the QT2 ends at two kilowatts, so when connecting modules above 500 watts, the peak power of the modules cannot be used. The maximum efficiency is 97 percent; there is no information on the European or CEC efficiency in the data sheet.
The interior of the QT2 is encapsulated with silicone, the protection class is IP67. APsystems provides a ten-year warranty as standard, which can be extended to 20 years. The QT2 should be available in the third quarter.

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