APS tenders solar plants and storage capacity

40 MW »Red Rock« PV plant in Arizona, developed by APS

US utility Arizona Public Service Company (APS) published requests for proposals (rfp) to provide solar energy to its customers. The company is seeking competitive proposals for approximately 60 MW of battery storage capacity to equip APS-owned solar plants. Furthermore, APS is seeking competitive proposals for a 100 MW PV plant and energy storage resource. Both shall to be in service no later than June 2021. APS will own and operate the projects.
In February, the company announced »one of the largest battery storage initiatives in the United States« to add 950 MW of new clean-energy technology, including the 100 MW PV plant and 850 MW of solar battery storage. According to the company, a team led by Invenergy will install six of the new battery systems at solar plants in Maricopa County and Yuma to be in place by 2020. The remaining two upgrades will be completed by 2021.

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