Approval of energy turnaround stagnates at high level in Germany

In the »Energy Transition Barometer« published annually by KfW Research, the research department of state-owned KfW Bank, 88 percent of households surveyed support the energy transition project (previous year: 89 percent). The use of energy transition technologies has increased: According to the survey, almost one in three households (32 percent, previous year: 29 percent) now uses corresponding technologies. In absolute figures, that is around 13 million households – 1.2 million more than in the previous year.
PV systems (12 percent; previous year: 9 percent), heat pumps and solar thermal systems (10 percent each; previous year: 9 and 10 percent respectively) are currently used most frequently. An electric car is present in 6 percent (previous year: 5 percent) of households. Seven percent of households are making plans in the area of energy transition technologies for the current year, the most common of which are for PV (7 percent) and battery storage (6 percent). There are also signs of an increase in electric cars: Three percent of households plan to purchase one in 2023. The relative increase is even greatest here, at plus 50 percent.

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