Application process launched for solar power production on Swiss national roads

On October 1, an amendment to the Swiss National Roads Ordinance (Nationalstraßenverordnung, NSV) will come into force, making land along federally operated roads, especially motorways, available free of charge for renewable electricity generation. This was decided by the Swiss National Council on August 17. In principle, all renewable energies are eligible for this, but initially the responsible Federal Roads Office (Bundesamt für Straßen, ASTRA) has now launched an application procedure for PV systems.
Applications for use will be accepted until February 24 next year. The focus is on around 350 noise barriers and 100 service areas, which are grouped into 15 lots. Once a lot has been allocated, the corresponding facilities must be built within a specified time frame. The applicants are responsible for planning, financing, construction, connection, operation and maintenance of the facilities, as well as for marketing the electricity. Because the federal government itself does not make any procurement, simplified award conditions apply. A similar procedure had already been used for the award of sites for fast-charging stations at motorway service stations.

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