Ampt secures $15 million in funding and partners with Ingeteam in repowering PV plants

US Power conversion technology developer Ampt LLC announced an additional $15 million in funding. The new round of funding comes from strategic investor and founder of Ampt, Doug Schatz, and Bohemian Investments which brings their total investment to over $50 million. The funding will be used to expand the company's product portfolio and accelerate global growth, especially sales and partnership activities for repowering legacy PV plants in Europe, Japan and North America. Ampt recently extended its line of DC String Optimizers to address repowering existing PV power plants. The company is also developing tier-one relationships with EPC and O&M providers and inverter companies that are also serving the repowering market.
This week, Ingeteam Power Technology S.A. and Ampt announced the availability of a new solution to repower large-scale PV systems that require inverter replacement. The solution uses Ampt String Optimizers along with Ingeteam's inverter technology to improve power plant performance and increase asset returns.
According to the company, Ampt String Optimizers are DC-to-DC converters that put dual maximum power point trackers (MPPTs) on each string of PV modules to improve the system's lifetime performance. The technology »recovers approximately 60 percent of energy losses caused by the electrical imbalances which occur as systems degrade,« says Ampt.

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