Amarenco acquires 49 MW solar park in Spain from Hanwha Energy

Amarenco Group has signed the acquisition of a 49.94 MW solar PV plant from Hanwha Energy. This is the first expansion by the Irish based solar IPP into the Spanish market. The »Las Naranjillas« project is located in Carmona, Seville with an area of 137 hectares covered by 121,800 photovoltaic modules. 180 jobs were created during construction of the photovoltaic plant.
According to Amarnco's executive chairman John Mullins, »Iberia is now a key market for Amarenco and we expect it to make a significant contribution to our balance sheet going forward.« Amarenco has an ambitious solar PV plan for both Portugal and Spain. The projects can operate without State subsidy. Amarenco Group is a solar IPP active in Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. The company develop, finance, acquire, build and operate medium to large scale solar photovoltaic infrastructures.

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