Agri-PV kit for the garden from GridParity

German GridParity AG presented its new Agri-PV system for the garden at Intersolar in mid-May. The sample installation shown at the trade fair met with so much interest that the company now wants to offer it as a kit, according to Managing Director Erich Merkle.
The kit consists of supports ranging in height from 2.20 to 2.60 meters, inverters, and six 300-watt AG-M48 modules manufactured by Agora Solar a.s. in Slovakia. GridParity holds a one-third stake in Agora.
The modules have a transparency of 40 percent, feature front and rear tempered solar glass, each two millimeters thick, and an anti-reflective coating that GridParity describes as »extremely durable.« The linear performance warranty is 30 years at 88 percent of output power, with GridParity assuring delivery with plus tolerance.
Assembly of the kit is completed within two hours, according to GridParity. A concrete foundation is not required, instead the panels welded to the supports are anchored to the ground with ground nails. Berry bushes, for example, can then be planted under the solar modules.
According to Merkle, such a 1.8-kilowatt system will cost around €2,500 ($2,680) net at market launch and can be ordered immediately. However, delivery will not take place until there are enough orders – Merkle is talking about at least 1,000 – to be able to offer this price through series production.
GridParity is one of the pioneers in the field of AgriPV, but has so far limited itself to large-scale commercial projects that are offered from €1,300 ($1,393) net. The garden kit is now the company’s entry into a new market segment for the Agri-PV sector.

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