Agreement on Swiss energy decree

In Switzerland, the Federal Law on a Secure Power Supply with Renewable Energies (energy decree) cleared what is expected to be the decisive parliamentary hurdle on Tuesday (September 26). The National Council and the Council of States (representing the cantons) reached agreement on some remaining contentious issues.
The Swiss solar industry association Swissolar spoke of a »typical Swiss compromise.« Despite cutbacks in the solar sector (the obligation to install solar plants on new buildings is far less comprehensive than originally planned), the law will, however, »further accelerate the necessary expansion of solar power production.« The Swiss Energy Foundation (SES) also criticized the »incomprehensible steps backwards in nature conservation« that had been taken in the course of the procedure, namely exceptions in biotope protection and »unrealistic expansion targets for hydropower at the expense of water protection.« However, the law creates »the central foundations for the rapid expansion of renewable energies and the efficient use of the electricity produced.«

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