Agora study: Germany missed 2021 climate protection targets

Germany failed to meet its climate protection targets last year. This is the result of the study »The energy transition in Germany: State of play 2021. Review of key developments and outlook for 2022.« published today by the Berlin-based think tank Agora Energiewende. Thus, greenhouse gas emissions have risen again for the first time in five years; at 772 million metric tons of CO2 equivalents, they were 33 million above the previous year's figure. As a result of the increase, 37 million metric tons would now have to be saved annually from 2022. However, this is unlikely, at least for 2022. If the economic recovery continues, a further increase can be expected this year as well, Agora analysts said.
In contrast, the share of renewable energies in electricity consumption fell to 42.3 percent last year. Agora analysts describe the record figure of 45.6 percent in 2020 as a »flash in the pan« triggered by special effects. In order for renewables to cover the 80 percent of electricity consumption decided by the coalition government by 2030, Germany needs an immediate expansion offensive for photovoltaics and two percent of the land area for wind energy: »The immediate program announced by the federal government for 2022 will determine whether Germany can meet its 2030 targets.«

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