AGL's virtual power plant is »online«

Australian utility AGL Energy Limited »energized« its residential virtual power plant (VPP). According to the company, more than sixty batteries installed in homes throughout Adelaide »are now orchestrated to simultaneously aggregate the battery discharge via smart software in a cloud-based platform, giving critical mass to the VPP generation capabilities.« The storage systems are linked by software developed by Sunverge Energy Inc., US provider of storage systems for residences and small businesses.
AGL started in December 2016 the installation to connect residential solar storage systems to operate as a 5 MW solar plant. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is providing AUD 5 million (USD 3,7 million) towards the AUD 20 million project. AGL’s Managing Director and CEO Andy Vesey said the 5 MW peaking capacity of the VPP can help with security of supply and help customers to save on their energy bill.
»We believe the VPP will deliver benefits for multiple groups including for customers by reducing their energy bills, the network by lowering required capital investment to upgrade infrastructure, for AGL by providing another source of generation to deploy into the network with the balance used in our portfolio, and the environment through reduced emissions,« said Andy Vesey. AGL estimates customers in the VPP trial will save around $500 per year on their energy bill. This is in addition to participants having received a battery which was subsidized by AGL. So far, the VPP has produced more than 300 kW of battery capacity, with more than 200 kW of associated solar capacity. This means it has a peak output of more than half a megawatt. And the VPP has stored and delivered more than 10,000 kWh to date. It is anticipated installation of all 1,000 batteries will be completed by the second half of 2018.

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