Africa Greentec to install solar systems in Chad

German Africa Greentec AG has signed framework agreements in Chad for the establishment of a joint venture with the national electricity utility SNE. Through this special purpose vehicle, the German company said it is »building a green energy provider in the country.« By the middle of this year, the first megawatt-scale SNE diesel generators are to be replaced by solar plants.
The goal is to »transform energy from diesel generators to large-scale ground-mounted photovoltaic systems, including battery storage, in ten cities.« Africa Greentec will train SNE (Société Nationale d'Electricité) employees on renewable energy. In the city of Sarh, the third largest in the country, a two-megawatt photovoltaic park is planned for mid-year. In addition, solar-powered refrigerated containers are to be installed in hospitals for the storage of food and medical products.
Furthermore, a contract was signed with the Chadian government for a pilot project in the Lake Chad region. Africa Greentec plans to electrify three villages with solar power and launch infrastructure projects such as internet, cold chains and clean water supply. The projects will be financed through crowdfunding.

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