Aerocompact supplements range with clamps for mounting on interlocking roofs

Austria-based Aerocompact GmbH has added three sliding seam clamps to its COMPACTMETAL TM product range. According to the company, this would allow roofers and installers to mount framed solar modules »of any length and width without roof penetration on almost all seam sheet roof types.«
The TMRD08, TMK1508 and TMK2008 models could be installed on artisan seam metal roofs or industrial system seam roofs made of coated steel, aluminum and other materials. With an optional stainless steel saddle, they were also suitable for copper roofs. The saddle prevents the aluminum clamps from reacting with the copper and corroding.
Aerocompact was founded in 2014 in Austria and USA. The company produces and sells PV mounting solutions for flat roofs, pitched roofs and metal roofs, as well as for ground-mounted systems. One focus is on PV substructures without direct connection to flat roofs.

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