Aerocompact promises up to 40 percent installation time savings with new universal pitched roof system

Austrian mounting system manufacturer Aerocompact GmbH has launched the »Compactpitch XM-F Reptile«, a pitched roof mounting system that can be combined with many different roof tiles and is also said to reduce installation time by up to 40 percent.
The system consists of a ground plate with a variably fixable sled as well as a support plate and the actual roof hook. For this, the roof tile above is not cut to size, as is the case with most other pitched roof systems for pantile roofing, but is completely removed and replaced by a cover plate the contour of which can be adapted to different roof tiles and which is available in various colors. With this principle, there are various similar solutions on the market, but with the Aerocompact system the roof hook can penetrate the cover sheet at any point. This is made possible by a patent-pending »labyrinth-style seal«, which is intended to provide a permanent seal.
In this way, the overall construction is so variable that it can always be placed directly on the rafter and can absorb correspondingly high loads. Therefore, in combination with the particularly strong »X60« mounting rail, the total number of fastening points required can also be reduced, according to the manufacturer.

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