The ADB supports a solar-safe Sahel region, which thus could be »dramatically transformed«

Africa GreenTec commissioned off-grid photovoltaic plant in Niger, part of the Sahel region

The Desert to Power Initiative aims to develop 10 GW of solar energy across the Sahel region by 2025, which could provide access to renewable electricity to over 250 million people, thereby solving many of the region's energy access challenges. According to the African Development Bank (AfDB), »Africa's Sahel region is sitting on a goldmine when it comes to renewable energy.«
The Bank noted that at a time when about 600 million Africans are without electricity, stable economies can be built by harnessing solar energy. ADB is collaborating in an innovative approach to catalyze solar investments from both the public and especially the private sector and institutional investors. »This form of blended finance is intended to help fill in the shortfalls in capital resources manifested in renewable energy project cycle in Africa.« Astrid Manroth, Director of Delivery and Impact at the African Development Bank, said that the organization »has put energy in Africa at the top of its priorities.« Particularly the integration of renewable energy does require stable grids and available grids for transmission and distribution to the end customers. »We are working with utilities to strengthen the distribution networks, there is quite a nice example especially Kenya where we have partnered with utility where we strengthen the last mile energy connection within 600 meters of all substations.« By tapping into one of the world's largest sources of solar power, »this traditionally underdeveloped region could be dramatically transformed.«

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