Acciona to invest €55 million to build 57 MW photovoltaic plants in Ukraine

Acciona’s El Romero PV plant (Chile), with similar structures to those which will be used in the Dymerka project.

Acciona Energía SA has started construction work on a 57.2 MW photovoltaic complex in Dymerka, northern Ukraine. Investment is about €55 million ($64 million). It will be Acciona’s first installation of its type in the country. The facility, located around 100 kilometers north-west of Kiev, will consist of three adjacent photovoltaic plants (Dymerka 2, 3 and 4) to be commissioned in early 2019. Power generation is expected to be about 63 GWh per year, to be sold for ten years to the public utility company of the Ukraine, Energorynok. Later, Acciona will sign up for the pricing system to be established for the Ukrainian market, says the company.
The Government of the Ukraine has set the target of 35 percent of its electricity production from renewables by 2035. Renewables currently represent around 5 percent (4 percent hydropower) of the Ukraine’s electricity mix, which is dominated by nuclear power (54 percent), coal (34 percent) and gas (6 percent), according to figures from the International Energy Agency. According to Acciona, the country has an installed capacity of 841 MW PV plants and 465 MW of wind power at the end of 2017.

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