8minute Solar Energy and Capital Dynamics completed 450 MW »Springbok Solar« cluster

Global private asset management firm Capital Dynamics, and 8minute Solar Energy, US independent solar and storage developer, announced the completion and commercial operation of the 450 MW »Springbok Solar Cluster« in Kern County, California, and held the ribbon cutting ceremony in November. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) will purchase the solar power generated for Los Angeles residents and businesses. The utility-scale solar facilities will contribute »about 4.2 percent toward meeting our renewable goals and bringing us closer to 100 percent clean energy for Los Angeles,« said Reiko Kerr, LADWP Senior Assistant General Manager of Power System Engineering, Planning and Technical Services.
The Springbok Cluster encompasses three projects, developed by 8minute Solar Energy. As reported, the final facility, »Springbok 3« was completed in October. The cluster includes »Springbok 2«, completed in 2016, which was the first solar PV facility to beat the cost of fossil fuels. Springbok 1, 2, and 3 are estimated to produce a total of 944 GWh annually for Los Angeles.

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