45 instead of 40 percent: EU Parliament raises 2030 expansion target for renewable energies

The European Parliament voted on Wednesday (September 14) in favor of a higher expansion target for renewable energies. By 2030, 45 percent of energy in the EU is to come from renewable sources instead of the previously planned 40 percent. This is provided for in the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive III (RED III) - a target also supported by the European Commission as part of its »RepowerEU« package.
The legislation also sets sub-targets for sectors such as transport, buildings, and district heating and cooling. In the transport sector, the use of renewable energy should lead to a 16 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, through a higher share of advanced biofuels and a more ambitious quota for renewable fuels of non-biogenic origin such as hydrogen. Industry should increase its use of renewable energy by 1.9 percentage points per year, and district heating networks by 2.3 points.
Each member state must also develop two cross-border projects to expand green electricity. Member states with annual electricity consumption of more than 100 terawatt hours (TWh) must develop a third project by 2030.
The MEPs and the Czech Council Presidency will now enter into negotiations on the draft laws. After approval by the EU Commission the implementation of the directive into national law begins.

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