240 solar companies call for termination of ongoing U.S. solar tariff case

In a letter to Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo (photo) initiated by the U.S. Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), 240 companies and organizations have called for the termination of an ongoing proceeding to impose punitive tariffs on »solar products« – solar modules from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.
U.S.-based Auxin Solar filed a request in February with the Department of Commerce to impose »circumvention tariffs« on imports of these products, claiming they undermine provisions of U.S. trade law. The countries involved in the case account for about 60 percent of module imports to the U.S. because Chinese manufacturers in particular operate factories there. Commerce had initiated a corresponding proceeding in March, in which, after some delays, a preliminary decision is now due on December 1.
The threat of the imposition of punitive tariffs has caused considerable uncertainty in the US solar industry. After President Joe Biden ordered a 24-month suspension of the tariffs in July, SEIA considered the case moot. The signatories to the letter to Secretary Raimondo claim that a preliminary confirmation of Auxin Solar’s petition »would be an improper expansion of U.S. anti-circumvention law.«
The signatories include U.S. companies, including module manufacturers such as Sunpower, as well as the U.S. subsidiaries of numerous foreign solar companies – from China, but also from Spain, Germany or France.

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