Science & Technology

Pilot project determines around 50 percent degree of self-sufficiency through bidirectional charging

28/03/2023 - 17:21

The German »Bi-ClEVer« pilot project, which has been investigating the combined use of photovoltaic systems and electric cars via... read more

Research project reveals »very high potential« for small PV systems to provide balancing power

28/03/2023 - 17:21

A research project in which the Technical University of Ulm, Germany, the transmission system operator TransnetBW and the Stadtwerke Ulm... read more

New »PVHide« project with brick-red solar modules

27/03/2023 - 16:29

As part of the »PVHide« research project, the Freiburg, Germany-based Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, module... read more

Delo presents adhesive for thin-film solar cells

27/03/2023 - 16:29

German industrial adhessives manufacturer Delo Industrie Klebstoffe GmbH & Co KGaA has supplemented its product range with adhesives... read more

Sunmaxx reports 80 percent efficiency for hybrid modules

27/03/2023 - 16:28

Dresden, Germany-based Sunmaxx PVT GmbH, which intends to set up series production of photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) hybrid modules, has had... read more

TU Vienna announces »new invention« oxygen-ion battery

27/03/2023 - 16:27

Together with cooperation partners from Spain, a team from the Vienna, Austria University of Technology (Technische Universität Wien )... read more

Research team reports »breakthrough on the way to the biological solar cell«

27/03/2023 - 16:27

In a publication in the journal Nature, a research team from the University of Cambridge, UK, the University of Rostock and the Ruhr-... read more

Test for floating solar plant in the Mediterranean Sea

27/03/2023 - 16:26

French company SolarinBlue has begun a test of its floating photovoltaic platform in the Mediterranean port of Sète. Two units of the... read more

Transphorm launches 3 kW inverter board with GaN transistors

27/03/2023 - 16:25

California-based Transphorm Inc. has launched a new development board for 3 kW inverters using gallium nitride (GaN) transistors.... read more

Hanwha Solutions and Solarwatt enter into patent license agreement

27/03/2023 - 16:23

Hanwha Solutions, the parent company of Hanwha Q Cells GmbH, and Dresden-based Solarwatt GmbH have signed an agreement that will allow... read more