Austria introduces grid fee for mid-size PV systems built for self-consumption


Austria’s Ministry of Finance has introduced a grid fee on PV systems built for self-consumption that produce more than 5,000 kWh per... read more

Sweden installed 19 MW of PV systems in 2013


Sweden had a cumulative installed PV capacity of 43.1 MW as of the end of December 2013, according to the latest statistics from Swedish... read more

Australia's rooftop PV capacity tops 3.2 GW at the end of February


Australia had 1,189,902 rooftop PV systems, representing 3,218 MW of installed PV capacity, as of Feb. 28, 2014, according to new... read more

Greek government plans 30% retroactive FIT cut


The Greek Ministry of Environment plans to introduce further retroactive reductions to PV incentives, according to the Greek Association... read more

Switzerland to support PV for self-consumption


The Swiss Federal Council has approved a revision of the country’s energy law that will enable small-scale PV system owners to consume... read more

Laos plans it first large-scale PV project


The Lao Ministry of Science and Technology has signed a memorandum of understanding with the AL-PNTC Consortium to conduct a feasibility... read more

UK installed 34 MW of new PV capacity in January


The UK had 2,732 MW of cumulative installed PV capacity as of Jan. 31, 2014, according to the latest figures from the UK Department of... read more

Mexican utility CFE to partner with private companies to boost renewable energy deployment


Mexico’s state-owned electric utility the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) plans to form strategic partnerships with private... read more

PV covered 7% of Italy's electricity demand over the past 12 months


Electricity produced by PV systems covered 4.77% of Italy’s total electricity demand in February 2014, up from 2.90% in January 2014 and... read more

At least 37 GW of PV was added globally in 2013 thanks to surging demand in Asia, EPIA


At least 37 GW of new PV systems were installed globally in 2013, up from 29.9 GW in 2012 and 30.2 GW in 2011, according to a new report... read more