Ontario's procurement process for large-scale renewable energy projects takes shape


The Ontario Power Authority (OPA), the energy regulator of the Canadian region of Ontario, has submitted to local Ministry of Energy its... read more

Dutch government could grant incentives to 760 PV projects over 15 kW


The Dutch Ministry of Economy had accepted proposals for 760 PV projects over 15 kW in the frame of its new renewable energy incentive... read more

Module prices could increase in the second quarter, EnergyTrend


Solar module prices could increase during the second quarter of this year due to the delay on the anti-subsidy initial judgment on... read more

Luxembourg to halt support for PV


The government of Luxembourg intends to halt all support for PV, according to local newspaper l’Essentiel. The country’s Minister of... read more

French Energy Council approves cancellation of domestic content bonus


The French Energy Council has approved the government’s proposal to eliminate the domestic content bonus within the country’s FIT scheme... read more

Flanders added just 1.8 MW of PV power in February


The Belgian region of Flanders registered around 1.8 MW of newly installed PV capacity in February 2014, down from about 3.0 MW in... read more

Demand for storage systems remains weak in Europe, EuPD


Demand for energy storage systems tied to PV installations remains weak in many European countries, according to a new market survey... read more

French competition authority warns consumers against fraud in the solar sector


France’s Directorate-General for Competition (DGCCRF) has warned consumers to carefully examine project proposals coming from local... read more

German solar sector discusses reforms to renewable energy law


On the first day of the German solar conference 29. Symposium Photovoltaische Solarenergie, which is being held in Bad Staffelstein,... read more

Bulgaria's installed PV power holds firm at just over 1 GW following weak 2013


The cumulative installed PV capacity of Bulgaria reached 1,020 MW at the end of December 2013, according to provisional numbers provided... read more