Australia's rooftop PV capacity tops 3.159 MW at the end of January


Australia had 1,175,998 rooftop PV systems, representing 3,159 MW of installed PV capacity, as of Jan. 31, 2013, according to new... read more

Ecuador's energy regulator revokes approvals for five PV projects totaling 112 MW


Ecuadorian energy authority Consejo Nacional de Electricidad de Ecuador (Conelec) has revoked authorizations for four PV projects with a... read more

Taiwanese government to support cell producers in solar trade dispute with US


Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has agreed to help the state’s solar industry defend itself against the antidumping and anti-... read more

More than 2.2 GW has been commissioned under India's National Solar Mission


India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) reports that 2,208 MW of grid-connected solar capacity had been commissioned under... read more

PV covered 2.8% of Italy's electricity demand in January


Electricity produced by PV systems covered 2.8% of Italy’s total electricity demand in January 2014, according to the latest numbers... read more

Germany to add 2.8 GW of new PV capacity in 2014, EuPD Research


Germany will add only 2.8 GW of new PV systems this year, according to market research company EuPD Research. Residential PV systems up... read more

Danish authorities revoke ban on five PV inverters


On Feb. 5, the Danish Safety Technology Authority revoked a ban on five PV inverters with immediate effect. The authority had instated... read more

Wallonia could reintroduce grid fee for existing PV installations in 2015


The government of Wallonia – the French speaking region of Belgium – plans to introduce a grid fee for all PV installations in 2015... read more

Taiwanese cell producers seek government support in solar trade dispute with US


The Taiwan Photovoltaic Industry Association (TPVIA) has asked Taiwan's Bureau of Foreign Trade to assist the state’s solar industry in... read more

Swedish government unveils proposal to reduce taxes for micro-generation from renewables


While attending the commissioning of a ground-mounted PV power plant near Västerås, Sweden, the country’s Minister for Information... read more