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In this section you may find the order forms for a subscription, a trial subscription or a free trial copy, as well as info on how our subscribers can access digital copies of our magazines in PDF format.

PDF versions of PHOTON Magazines become available for download for our subscribers one week before the print versions are being delivered. Also, PDF versions often include extra content such as comprehensive test results for modules and inverters tested by PHOTON laboratory. Needless to say, it is a handy thing to have.





Get full access to the past 12 issues and all upcoming issues of our magazine by ordering an annual subscription.

This link directs you to the order forms of »PHOTON International – The Solar Power Magazine« for a subscription, a trial subscription or a free trial copy.



PHOTON is publishing monthly magazines in 3 different languages with different content and different market focus. The links below take you to the order forms for free trial copies, full annual subscriptions or 3-months trial subscriptions of our 3 magazine publications.

  ➢  »PHOTON International – The Solar Power Magazine« (English)     
  ➢  »PHOTON – Das Solarstrom-Magazin«   (German)  
  ➢  »PHOTON – Il Mensile del Fotovoltaico«  (Italian)  




As a subscriber you will receive a link per email to download the PDF edition of our magazine every time a new issue gets published.

This is a temporarry solution while we are re-designing our online magazine archive. Very soon subscribers will be able to access to all articles and magazines though our new web portal.

If you have never received such an email from us, please write an email to our subscription department: by adding your customer or subscription number. We will only use your email address to inform you on important updates regarding your subscription which we think you might not want to miss.

You may also reach us by phone at +49-30-3465546-20, although, currently we are experiencing too many requests and waiting lines became longer than expected. We sincerely appologize for this current circumstance! We are trying to answer your requests sent by email within a few days and are happy to receive your request!





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